‘Will it be our enemy or best friend?’


The big question if we talk about the influence of robots in the future we’re starting to get a little doubtful. The first impression will be to encourage this development and we think it’s an amazing technology. It’s great to create intelligent objects who can help us out in our lives. We won’t think it will get us caught, but can we trust that thought? Is it so easy to think that robots can’t be our next enemies? Those creatures are made with such smart technology without any limit and we as human bodies do have our brain limits. This discussion goes on for a long time and we can’t decide which way robots are going to have, but I think it’s a great discovery and we can learn so much from the anticipation of robots.

For example there is this great technology called Naiad, which exists of a smart watering system that can save a lot of water. Naiad can live without any electricity, because of its solar powered panels on the top of its back. The robot can move around the yard and spray water where the grass need some, which takes care of unnecessary water loss. You just need to connect the hose to Naiad and it’s ready to go.


Another example of robots who are helping you out is Zenbo the robot. It assistants you in and around the house. Sounds perfect, right? Zenbo is multifunctional and very new and unseen yet in our homes. That doesn’t mean people don’t want it, but buying robots is a little too expensive and weird. People have to get used to it and it takes some time before we can accept those little machines in our homes. But we have to take a step at once and Zenbo is a great beginning in this process of new technology. Zenbo can speak and turn on home appliances such as the television, the radiator or put on some music. You can compare it with a smart remote, who can turn on/off everything you want if you’re busy with other things. You can also play some stories on the screen of Zenbo. The brand behind Zenbo hopes to hit the market with Zenbo at the end of the year.

Those new concepts of robots are incredibly innovative, new and have a big amount of potential for the future. It has already grown so fast that it will have such influence on people lives, we can’t imagine. Nowadays, robots are something that exist and the idea of robots is alive in our mind, but we don’t really feel it in the way to actually buy a robot. Especially, because they are just too expensive yet, but also because we don’t know the need of relinquish our daily proceedings.

As a Lifestyle Professional I think it’s important to follow the robot technology, because it will have another big leap in the future. If we are going to use robots in our homes and there will be a time we can’t live without those little machines anymore, it will have a huge impact on our quality of life. It can help us a lot and it will feel like a new best friend, which is there all the time. We don’t have to feel guilty anymore or afraid, because we have robots.