‘blame technology for it’


In the future we won’t be able to deny the influence of technology in our daily life. Such as smart kitchen tool, which makes cooking way more easier and fun. The impact of food has increased in our lifestyle and habits, more than we used to do before. It’s about the knowledge and the awareness we’ve created around this subject. Food is important and we want to know all the ins and outs, to accomplish a better and healthier future for ourselves and our family.

For example there is the OTTO kitchen island. This intelligent kitchen has its origin found by the words needs and pleasure. Nowadays, we try to manage them both in our meals, but people learn it’s always heavier than they thought in the first place. OTTO will help you, which mention the interactive way of cooking and the newest smart user-centered technologies. These new technologies are going to be combined with the old-fashioned items of course, like a dishwasher or a good oven.


Another concept of Yank design is called the Whirlpool Levita. This concept is an induction cooker with new features based on the newest technology. It’s multifunctional and very compact in its design. It will be the perfect item in the kitchen and will also make cooking a better option than before. Levita has a conduction plate on the left side and an application screen on the right, for watching recipes for example. On the bottom there will be a tray you can pull out, to slice vegetables and other food.

These concepts are innovate, because the founders combine different sorts of values to each other. New technology, new design and new features makes the OTTO and the Levita a better option to use in the kitchen, if you’re looking at the equipment you already have. As a Lifestyle Professional I would be thrilled to use these new cool items, because it will increase m quality of life. I would cook more often and it will be more fun to use all the kitchen tools. The designs are new and unseen yet, but very approachable, which says it has a great potential for future homes.