‘…You will gain some goods instead of weight’

Since a few years there is more awareness in the world about the food we eat. Superfoods, fit girls and eating clean are terms who didn’t exist 6 years ago and so on. There have been more investigations and research in the past few years, which allows us to say in more details what food is good for our body and which aren’t. The funny part right now, are the new concepts who are developed on that change of food knowledge.


For example, there is the Absorb plate. This is a plate which absorbs the excess fat of the meal. It contains little holes in the plate where this fat is going and eventually is not ending in our body. The concept has its origin in Thailand, where the food can be very greasy and can solve the problem with circa 30 calories a meal. I think that isn’t much, but on a daily basis it can make a real difference.

Another great concept is called the Tangram jump rope. This rope isn’t what you used to be settled with and brings a new dimension towards working out. You will experience this smart rope as a reminder why you’re doing this exercise. It contains a connection which communicate with the rope through telling how many calories you burn, the speed of your jumps and the lad lights within the rope says how long you still have to jump. The rope is under the 100 dollar and also available at amazon.


The concepts are innovative because of their new impression. People don’t know of these new developments and are ready to make the step to encourage new options in health. Those ideas will improve our quality of life by choosing better options mapping out health. The absorb plate makes us aware of the grease we eat and how unnecessary it is. We don’t need it, so why should we continue our habit if there is a better option on the surface? And think again with the smart jump rope, which makes us matter about the jumps we make. That consciousness will bring us more goods in the future and that is exactly what attracts a Lifestyle Professional. The shift of value and the amount of chances we want to make to realize our matter of putting our health first.