‘…Level up with 3D-printing’

Let’s have a break; 3D printing isn’t new and the definition of 3D printing won’t blow our minds anymore. It’s something that we know and which is pretty intertwined in society. We don’t have a 3D printer in our homes yet, but I am convinced it will be the next step of our newest life goals. Experts and doctors already have found the extremely good qualities of 3D printing in its ability to imitate the human body identically. Everybody is unique and 3D printing shows that everything can be made, with a human body as starting point. I believe it’s an amazing journey for a lot of people who aren’t able to fix their diseases and 3D printing brings back hope in their lives.


For example, I want to call the Layer design wheelchair, which is for a big part made out of a 3D printer. The big difference between a normal wheelchair and this new Layer design wheelchair is the personal design. The sitting of this wheelchair will be made differently for every customer and has the particular needs of each particular person. Right now there is only a prototype, but the commotion out of this wheelchair makes sure it will be a big part of new wheelchair users.

The second one are the 3D printed braces. A brace which is meant for people who have scoliosis or a leg brace who makes people walk again. I will take out one and that is called the KAFO splint. It’s made full out of a 3D printer and has potential in its customizable, fashionable and lightweight way. The brace is very functional and will support the walking skills of the owner. The KAFO splint isn’t on a commercial level yet, but the reason it exists says enough, right?


The concepts are going to have a big impact on peoples live, because it improves the quality of life with a huge leap. People will enjoy it so much and there is so much benefit to gain on this level of 3D printing. As a Lifestyle Professional I would be very happy to see people with such new technology, because it’s simply possible. Why should we continue the braces in the old-fashioned way if there is a better option which works with more efficient and afford than we have ever known? I hope this designer gets a little finance to bring this great designs into the market, so the technology will pay us back.