‘With the expression of geometry’

The interior style of geometry and minimalistic details has won territory in the world of designs. Over the past few years it has gotten introduced in our homes and jewelry, which makes us a little bit reserved. The reason of that is, because you can’t combine those forms forever. Secrets are made out of experience and we have experienced that on minimalistic objects the rule applies less is more. Of course it isn’t a problem to combine 1, 2 or 3 objects near each other, but there really is a thin line between perfect and chaos.


For example, there is LYFE. A geometric design which let plans fly above a magnet and gives the style a fresh flow. LYFE set your plants free with the FLYTE technology and with ease you have a cool item on your desk. It will be an eye catcher and statement piece no one has ever heard off before. The concept is right now on Kickstarter and if people like it, it will be made in the future.

The second part of the Geometry takeover is the beautiful design of creator Hannakaisa Pekkala from Finland. She is a very creative person who has a passion for minimalistic design and has a background in art. The design is called SYMMETRY and is a black lamp with minimalistic figures in it. It brings out of a strong visual expression with simple shapes such as square, diamond or circle. The design of Hannakaisa has already won the first place on Northern Lighting Design Award 2016, which explains is just the beginning of a long ride.


Those pretty creatures are the new cozy, because of the cute forms and little expressions. It’s a new way of showing our interior and be happy in our homes. If it fits our standards and interests, it will be improving our quality of life. As a Lifestyle Professional we will all think this geometry style is so much fun, because it settles our thoughts. It’s peaceful, sends out some quiet serenity and keeps us calm.