‘…With benefits for human and environment’


Let’s start at the beginning. When I look around I see a lot of people starting a business or company. Some will have success, some won’t. The difference between companies now or in the future, is about the meaning of it. Nowadays, we see companies wo just want to have profit and money. They don’t care how or who has to suffer, money has to come in their pockets.

That ‘money’ part is what I mean witch ‘change’. In the future people are able to distinguish their selves by putting the environment first. The core business has to do with a positive contribution for the world. After that, will the product and eventually money appear.

The first one I want to mention, is the shower which saves 70% more water than average shower do. It’s called Nebia and works with the atomizes method which turn water into a million of droplets. It reduces water but creates a feeling you have a bigger surface to shower on. This method ensures you’re feeling more clean and hydrated then with the shower you used to have.

This household gadget will change your view on everything. Because if you enjoy something the same way as before, without any sacrifice, it isn’t bad right? In return you will be good for the world by saving a lot of water. You don’t have to regret a shower of 30 minutes anymore, because you’re not damaging anything with a huge frequency. Nebia doesn’t exist yet, because it’s a Kickstarter project, but that won’t last long.


The second thing is Fontus Airo. Airo is a water bottle which refills itself. Due a system Fontus developed, condensation out of water fills up the bottle after you spread the solar blanket towards the sun. The solar system will set on a ventilator which causes the condensation. This technology is a great system for people who likes to sport and be active in nature. You don’t have to carry a lot of water bottles but you’re free to go without dehydration. It’s also good for environments because of the reduction of water use. It activates a way of life where people don’t want to hurt nature and use it in a good way.

Those concepts are innovative because it’s new and people don’t use it. I think people don’t even know of those amazing and smart concepts. The process of development grown out of the idea to put water saving and environment first and that creates success.

As a Lifestyle Professional it’s important to be aware of those concepts, because of the impact they can have. The products are changing perspective on lifestyles, but are easy to use and very approachable.