‘And it’s even more fun to use!’

When we are looking into the past, there aren´t a lot of big chances in the area of household developed items. People are happy with the items they own, because it covers all their needs. And let´s be honest, it is already costly enough, right? To purchase all the washers, we need to clean our clothes, dishes and house, we have to make some real money. I believe the the main reason we don’t give new technology a chance is because we think it’s overrated. People see those gadgets only in online formation, which makes them unreachable and unnecessary. It only exists in houses across the world, inside rich homes or in use by technology experts. We do think it could any better, but we´re also satisfied with the thought that we have everything we need.

These new concepts will change our perception of this ‘need’ and create this new world of inventing better options for existing concepts. At first there is Ruggie, the new alarm clock. You don’t have to push on Ruggie when you want this annoying voice to go off. Instead of alle the old habits, Ruggie wants you to stand on him. It’s a soft thin pillow which has an alarm sound inside. It goes on with motivational quotes or relaxing music and goes off when you go stand on it. The soft material is memory foam and this way of waking up makes people wake up much easier. I have to say It is a little expensive (99 dollar), but you will have mornings with a very good flow.


The second one, is called the ‘fridge cam’. You don’t have to run out of food again, because this cam will watch it all over while you’re gone for a while. Do you remember all those memories of hidden grocery lists? Or being at home after the supermarket forgetting all those products you had to buy? With the fridge cam it won’t happen again. The cam consists of a weight censor which shows how much there is in a bottle or package and there is the webcam which you can see how many there are in the fridge or in a stock room. How simply is it going to get with those smart technology concepts? As simple as you can imagine…

The concepts I have called are good concepts because there is a big potential to be successful. It’s innovative and very new, which ensures a fresh wind in many of households in the future. The Ruggie and the Fridge cam are interesting concepts for me as a Lifestyle professional, because of the problem they are solving. People have a lot of little complications and issues during the day, so if it’s easy find a product which can be very helpful, why should you ignore it?