‘Besides fun, those new technologies are made for using’


When we use our lifestyle gadgets, we don’t think in a way they could help us much more than we are used to feel. Gadgets who are made to make our life a lot easier and more productive. When we have struggled with finding our locker key, we constantly have the fight of losing it and finding it back. Why don’t we think in a more innovative way towards those lockers, which ensure all the problems are going to disappear? And

In fact, those new technologies are very simple, with an average price and very easy to use. It’s such a pity people don’t have interest in those cool items, because it really helps our household to a better level where there is more comfort and insight in our homes. For example, there is Tapplock. It’s a chrome designed frame lock which is being unlocked by your fingerprint. It’s one of the first introductions with finger locking in lifestyle items after the iPhone 5s in 2014. This gadget will take care of our safety in our homes. Old locks are a piece of cake for professional burglars and super easy to break. Another funny part has to do with your brain and forgetting the key or password of the lock. You don’t have think of anything, just use your finger into the frame and it’s unlocked. The Tapplock is available in chrome, black or white.


The second innovation is Glyph mediawear, which is the first personal theater. Nowadays, we watch movies and series on television or laptops. The Glyph lifts this experience to another level, to overlap the functions of seeing and listening. Technology of Glyph is made with Avegant’s Retinal Imaging Technology and let you have the feeling of natural seeing, instead of just watching another fake world. You are getting the feeling of being in the movie or series and your eyes are experiencing it in the most natural way.

These concepts are innovative because it’s a new way of using gadgets. Technology has it’s leap taken, why shouldn’t we use those nice developments? No, I wouldn’t refuse it either. As a Lifestyle Professional it’s interesting to see that we couldn’t find a reason to not use those new gadgets, but there still exists a threshold for actually buying those items. Which part of our mind says no and who are the people behind the gadget that investigate the need of this concept. It will all be a part of the research a LP will produce.