‘And the reverse of knowledge…’


Technology is a development, which is very important for the world and the people who live in it. Technology means something new, something better than known before. It always has the power of the good, it’s a positive change.

But there has to be a limit, there has to be a line for the humans. Technology is able to be smarter than human, smarter than anything else. The knowledge of electronics will be affected in a negative way.

In Boston are electronics identic made towards animals. They move and show just like animals do. It’s a huge next step for the technology and will fix a lot of problems. But the reverse is very dangerous… they can attack people or other animals without being caught. They can hide because they learn how to react on different movements.

Another solution is the drone ambulance. Again, it’s a great opportunity to save lives. But on the other hand, the item is more vulnerable than a helicopter and you can’t play with human lives. Those thoughts give us, people a terrifying image… That’s also the reason why it will last a couple of years before we trust those new technology.


It’s innovative because it’s new and will have a huge influence on societies worldwide. It has a purpose to be better and be good. Those changes will be very normal in the future, because technology changes. In 10 years it’s more normal than now and in 50 years it’s unthinkable that it’s not on the planet.