‘It’s all about the lights!’


People always want to see something new or something that surprises them. As a result, innovators are always looking for new things that satisfied this need. In view of the trend; sustainability, re-use and durability, the trend arises of giving a different function to existing objects and thus a different interpretation. If there are objects or materials that are no longer used; why not re-use? Or directed to the surprising effect; an étagère that’s made out of LPs? The point is that the user is getting a different understanding or interpretation.

The old function expires and brings us thereby positively confused. This is interesting, because we all are taught by colors, attributes, shapes and materials. When we see that kind of object, we can place it. But if there is an object whose function is different from what us is “taught”, it doesn’t work anymore. This is called acquired knowledge or learned intuition. But why is this weird? That’s a ‘Reversed Statement’.


There are a lot of examples and expressions of this trend, take a look at the Hat-Lamp. It’s simple; use a hat as a lamp. A random hat with a light bulb. It gives a perception of various aspects, for example the hat gives a bold and playful feeling. A lamp is used for warmth and coziness. This combination gives a fresh wind in your living room, allowing the viewer to take a different look to the object.

It just makes a living room more fun and playful than others. It’s different, new and you’re able to distinguish yourself of mainstream living rooms! So try it and give your life that funny sparkle!