‘It effects nature in a positive way’


What is it?

Nature is damaged and there has to be a change in the future. We can let nature do the work, but with new technology we can also help nature. There are so much disappointments human bring into the world of nature, we have to stand up for ourselves. To stand up, because in the future we have to enjoy nature too.

With those facts there is a new technology Robo-Bees. Bees are having a big influence in our ecosystems and pollinations. There is a possibility bees die out or anyway become less in populations. Robo-Bees are the big solution for it! As it says, Robo-Bees are robot bees and will be identified the same as real life bees. If you are excited and want a closer look? Watch the video below this article!

Another one is Green over Grey. It’s a concept design where walls become walls with vertical gardens. The designers explain it as: Our goal is to create living works of art that purify the air you breathe, make life more sustainable and add some green to the grey of our cities.

The last one is biodegradable plastic, also known as bio-plastic. At some point, Harvard research developed a way to make plastic out of shrimp shells (the shells we put of the shrimp before we eat it). In other words: the shells are waste and why don’t re-use natural material, which don’t have any function after shrimps die?


Why is it cool?

I think it’s very cool to extend nature organisms with the newest technology. The atmosphere will be gone, but bees have such an important influence in the world. It’s very eco-friendly and sustainable in a way it’s good for nature.

The aim of sustainability is to get along with environments wise, which means robo-bees are indirect and on a long term very sustainable for the ecology. With this point of view, biodegradable plastic or green walls, are also very positive for nature. They ensure that nature isn’t over and there are ways to make nature intangible.

If nature is good and if people can treat nature well, then it will extend the quality of life. It’s on emotional level, because it’s something what people see and make an atmosphere complete.

Why has it growth potential for the future city?

It’s very into the future cities, because it’s new and it will give empowerment to the atmosphere of cities. Another suspect is that we don’t see it nowadays and that’s a good thing. Technology is growing fast, people wants to be triggered and with those new ways of sustainability in nature, we will be satisfied for a while!

In the future consumers want to use stuff that isn’t bad for their environment and such products as bio-plastic are so good for this point of view.