‘I want to be triggered’


When it’s about hotel rooms, holidays or trailers, there isn’t quite a big change happened the last few years. It’s cozy, nice, cute, and colorful, but that’s it. The changes are in the interiors, such as design or different styles, but in technology there didn’t change a bit in my opinion. And WI-FI access everywhere doesn’t count.

I mean the luxury, the new technology, and the new gadgets. Things that you’re not using at home, but you are able to use in your spare time, outside your home. It would be a great next step in hotels and other holiday destinations to introduce that!

There are hotels nowadays, with a bed and a shower… But that’s not what people want! We want the luxe in technology and that’s what hotels should be doing right now.  Pillows who are able to massage the neck or screens that gave relaxed lights or music and everything can be controlled by one device.


Back in 2011, Ian Pearson, announced the new hotel room. That was 3 years ago, but the technology is new and it exists, so we just have to do it and change those boring rooms!

Another one are the self-driving trucks, where you can bring your own trailer and felt relaxed afterwards too or the cruises, who are equipped with a lot more luxury than before. It’s the different, the rare… Such as sleeping boxes in airports. It’s a need that turns into a satisfaction.


It’s obvious that we need to get up, because in this busy world we need a place to relax anno 2014!







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