‘Making life in homes better for the world’


What is it?

The battle against sustainability, means the consumptions we use in our homes. There are so much devices we use in one day in an unconscious state, we can’t imagine. The problem of pollution and sustainability can’t get along.

With some fortune of these new innovations there will be a change in the future. Designer Li Huan designed a home trainer and washing machine in one object. It’s the perfect example of a win-win situation; the longer you work-out (and being healthy), the better your laundry will be cleaned (and reduce electricity). Which means on longer term; being sustainable.

Another example from Yanko Design, is the Steam Mug Cup. It’s a cup which you drink of and if there’s a little water left in the cup, you can steam it off. This steam is positive for the indoor environment (and heaters), especially in winter times.


Last but not least, there is The Water Wall. It’s as simple as it sounds; a wall with water. The water will be heated by sun light and you can use it when it’s on your desired heat for showers, bath or just for heating the room.

Why is it cool?

The pollution of the world is a known problem and has to be changed. The sustainability in our homes is as important as outside our homes. It’s about little things, the little habits we have to change.

The bike washing machine make people realize they can save electricity, just to combine things you do every week. It raises the quality of life, because it satisfies when you’re working out and doing laundry at the same time (physical well-being).

If you can be aware of your actions, it feels good if you’re sustainable. The most important reason to use the bike washing machine and the Steam mug cup is, because you’re willing to be sustainable. It raises both the quality of life, because you’re not wasting anything.

With the Water wall, nature makes it possible to reduce electricity. A lot of water is wasted during a shower/bath with just waiting for the hot water.

Why has it growth potential for the future city?

It has potential for the future city, because it’s a new way of thinking. Being aware of all the actions we have in one day, makes you think of how you can reduce it. The three examples I have explained, show why it is possible and so easy to make a difference. Put 2 actions in one and your half way there to change little habits. That doesn’t sound difficult, does it? So try it!