‘The start of something better…’

Total transparency & Food

What is it?

When I was looking through articles, I didn’t realize I had a couple of concepts that said the same. The trend transparency says there is nothing to hide anymore and out of that spirit came a new trend. I realized that people want to know what’s in their food and which ingredients are in the products they buy. So, how do you control your own food? By making it yourself. I don’t mean the urban gardening or the biologic foods, but I mean the real process. Instead of buying a cup of tomato sauce, you make it by yourself. With that idea came the salsa maker, which you can make your own tomato sauce or other sauces.


Another example is the home composter, which means you can compost your food at home. It’s easier and within 3 hours turns the food cycler food rests into dry compost. After that 3 hour, you can immediately put the compost to your garden or other plants. It reduces food waste, but you don’t have that much garbage anymore to throw away. It’s back to the basic need of dealing with food you can eat and food rest you don’t.


Why is it cool?

It is cool, because it shows there is no trust anymore. Consumers don’t trust the economy, but at the same time the economy knows that and make new products, for example the salsa maker. But even the compost fertilizer makes sense, because it facilitates composting and cheers up the reducing of food waste.

Both examples aren’t the newest trends, but I see a new stream in it. With the home composter there is a way of doing it all by yourself and being in control of all the products and all the processes. It has total transparency, because you can see everything. Every move is allowed and acceptable. The same with the salsa maker, every step is taken by yourself and nobody else.

Why has it Future Growth Potential?

It has FGP because of the message in this trend. The back to basic people are a stream which can be very important in the future. Even it’s the salsa maker or the home composter, the people who use it are having a desire to do it by their own. They want to supervise it with their own eyes, because there is too many trust in products from the supermarkets anymore. Think of the sugar levels, additives, salt and go further on. People have more knowledge over the years and for a lot of people it is okay the way it is. But for the people who aren’t okay with it, they have finally an escape!