Without thinking, knowing what you have to eat seems impossible right?

 ‘My Diet Plate’ will show you why it isn’t!


What is it?

My Diet Plate is an app in combination with a plate. At first you have to put your diet information in the app, so it can recognize what the diet contents. Then your smartphone has to connect with a general Wi-Fi device, this device connects with the plate and tells what serving you need to have. So, if you’re friends are also on a diet; you can work together, compare results, organize dinners and make so much more fun out of a diet plan then you used to.

Why is it cool?

This app is cool because of the new way of thinking to be on a diet and how to deal with that. Most importantly, how to maintain it. If you’re working with this app, there are so much details of your diet, which tells if you are doing it right or not. That haziness is exactly why people are less motivated and so cool that it can be showed now with this plate!

Why it has Future Grown Potential?

If people get on a diet, do this almost always on their own, with no registration or anything. Consequences by such a diet is that you can’t accomplish your goal and quit. So, if there is a way to connect with people in combination with new technology is that the perfect way to finish diets and reach your dream weight in the future. It’s also very clear, because the results are noticed on the app.

Simplicity, the magic word. You just give some information and immediately sees what portion you have to eat. No calorie counting, no anger for eating too much, no different dinner then your company. You don’t even have to think about it, it’s easy as that. Just eat it.