‘Take a look in the future’


What is it?

The Head mounted Display is a new technology told as virtual glasses. You can watch movies and games in 3D and immediately have the feeling that you’re in that virtual world. Why the head mounted display is different with other 3D Glasses? The only glasses we know are the little tiny 2 colored glasses made out of paper. If you compare these two, it sounds funny right? The paper glasses sounds to me like we are living 100 years ago, but I actually used it 2 years ago in the Cinema. That shows how fast technology is and how fast our wants have been, which I think is a logical process. Sony has made 2 different displays; a white and a black one.

Why is it cool?

It is cool because of its augmented reality. You are staying or sitting in reality, but the feeling of the Head Mounted Display isn’t real, but virtual. Your mind will be in a virtual world, so you’re spending the whole time in a different world. Everything that is not normal to have in the technology branches’, is spectacular. Everyone wants to have it, because it’s cool to have something nobody has. The price is yet €1.299, – so I surrender if it will work soon. Actually, if Sony will sell this head mounted display, Sony has to low the price. But besides the price, it’s a very cool and innovative new item.


Why it has Future Grown Potential?

Why it had Future Grown Potential isn’t a really clever question, because of the fact that this is the future. Its new technology and new on the market. A very important thing are also the people, the buyers, because if the people don’t like it, Sony aren’t going to sell it. People nowadays wants entertainment and we want to be kept busy. We sometimes want to skip out of reality, just to play such games.

But there is a word called requirement, which has a high priority in our lives. So we want new entertainment with new dimensions of experience. The head mounted display extend this experience completely because of the; 3D, the sound system, the weight, the colors, the clear modus and the comfort. Short said, it’s made for the future.

Experience Economy – Phase 4 – Virtuality and involvement