‘For one his bread, is another man’s poison…’


When I take a look in the world or in the future, I see a lot of sadness. There won’t be enough space to give all people in the world houses, but if we spend time smart from now on, we can! Because we have to admit that we are living too loud and too big. There are limits and in the future, they will be reached. Better said, it isn’t possible to live like this anymore.

In 2009(!) Pete Alcorn told us about a better world and what vision he had. 5 years ago people already knew what’s going on and there is nothing changed yet. People don’t feel the rush, don’t feel the clock that’s on the alarm…

There is no solution for reducing it yet. Or can we just build homes from stuff we don’t know yet? 3D-printed houses? Wooden houses? Houses from garbage? If creativity is on it’s way, everything is possible and we have to remember that.

For example; shipping container houses. A house made out of a shipping container that people doesn’t use anymore. There are so many ways to build homes from stuff that has no function anymore, such as a shipping container, so why not? It’s a way to show that re-use is very easy.

Another sign are the wooden houses. It’s called the tiny project and exists of wooden homes on wheels. It’s a way of living in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. The designers of the tiny project explain it as; Inhabiting such a small space forces us to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way. We’re forced to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with our community. This creates better health and healthy relationships…with some other words: it raises the Quality of life. The most important is the emotional well-being across from material well-being; the challenge to be satisfied with less than we are used to.


The last one are the 3D-printed homes. The signal is called WinSun and is invented in China. WinSun is a 3D-printed home, which is made in 24 hour (10 houses in totality) out of cement. At first sight, it doesn’t look sustainable, right? But glad enough it’s made out of recycled building materials and industrial waste.

Besides that, we have to become happier. My view on this part is the money we keep focus on. I hope that we can let go of all the money and give each other some grant. If that can be realized, it will raise our quality of life on every subject. Emotional, material and physical. It has such a big influence on us nowadays, it isn’t healthy anymore. Sad enough, it’s an illusion, but I hope someday the world gets through this transformation.

The future has its desire to change and the trend sustainability makes this desire feasible and touchable. The new ways to build homes in the future are new, innovative and they have a big amount of growth potential for future cities. Just because it makes governments better to live in… And why shouldn’t help if the world is getting better with such solutions?