‘Making ugly fruit, pretty again’


Food & Quality of life

What is it?

The waste of food is a known problem in the world, especially the highly-developed countries. With the fact that we all aware of the amount of solutions, there is nothing changed yet. In this cool hunt I will be showing a concept against food waste or leftovers, called Ugly fruit.

This company makes smoothies out of fruit that doesn’t look that well anymore, but are still fresh. Supermarkets can’t sell them anymore, so they give it to Ugly fruit. They make smoothies with this damaged fruit to sell it again. With this efficient idea, more people can enjoy fruit and the average numbers of food waste are getting lower by this initiative.


Why is it cool?

It’s cool because when you buy a smoothie from Ugly fruit, you spend money on something that reduces the waste of food. Rather, Ugly fruit only exists because of food waste. With this known fact, it will extend the quality of life of people. If you drink a regular smoothie from the supermarket or you drink a smoothie from Ugly fruit, there has to be a difference. There has to be a satisfied feeling, because you drink fruit that otherwise ended up in the garbage. It raises your quality of life and there is no guilt of being careless to leftovers, because you drink ‘leftovers’.

Why has it Future Growth Potential?

It has FGP because of the sincerity. Companies such as Ugly fruit are looking for sincerity and that’s the reason what attracts people. In the future there will be a bigger desire of real products, but also getting what they deserve and paid for. People don’t want to spend money on things that aren’t special or doesn’t have a story.

Story telling will be a big thing in the future and that’s why a company as Ugly fruit has future growth potential; it tells (sells) a story!


Quality of Life model:

It connects with the emotional wellbeing, because of the positive affection and satisfaction when you drink Ugly fruit. Besides that, the choice of drinking these smoothies affects the material wellbeing, part meals/food.