‘To see the world through some new eyes’


There is a change going on in tourism land. People don’t want to see the hotspots, they want to see the pure country. It’s called ‘agro tourism’, where people live in the pureness of nature and culture. It’s avoiding the hotspots and being one with the real thing. (Read my post about Thailand when I explain my experience about avoiding the hotspots too).

Instead of staying in a hotel, you can sleep at a farm in Italy (for example). Making wine and have a view of hectares wine ranks and olive trees. Because that’s Italy! Italy is the Pisa tower, Rome and Venice. But that’s not what the civilization does?!

An article in Spits from September 19, 2014 explains this new way of travelling.

But why is there a need of travelling in a different way? People with money wants to spend their money well and extend their knowledge. When you’re travelling, you’re part of a group. They feel to leave their town and go on a holiday without a lot of luxury or an all-inclusive arrangement. The problem is that we all start to think like that and it results in a lot of tourists everywhere… Countries with good culture but less money, wants to earn their money out of those tourists (with a lot of spending on holidays). It’s a logical conclusion… But the real culture fades away by such thoughts.


Agro tourism is a human movement. A movement and reaction on tourists who love to travel, but wants to see the real country. Surrounded with nature and an idealistic environment.

I agree with the idea of agro tourism, because I felt definitely a difference between touristic hotspots and the real people in a real town without the purpose to earn money on tourists. There is a different vibe and a lot of inhabitants are willing to show their story to you.

In the future it will work, because agro tourism is new. It’s the need of humans to see new things and other countries. So in a couple of years people get to know this way of travelling more and more and want to try it out. Organizations are going to organize trips with this flow of agro tourism and that’s the start of something big…




Spits 19-9-2014, artikel ‘Agrotoerisme’