‘There is nothing to hide anymore’


Total transparency

What is it?

The Wellograph is a watch and health tracker in one piece. You can use it as a watch, but it also works as a health monitor. The maker explains it as: ‘Wellograph is an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and a running watch in one that delivers live, insightful information about the wearer’s activity through simple infographic interface’.

Besides the watch, there is also the Wellograph App. In this application there will be all information from the watch, but with more explanation.


Why is it cool?

It’s cool, because it’s new. The Wellograph watch will be coming out in spring 2014, so it’s not even available yet. The trend being in good health and the trend transparency are going together with this Wellograph watch, because of the updates. You are able to know everything about your body. And there is a need of knowing everything in society land, so if you can wear a watch all day that tracks everything about you, why not? I think it’s cool because there are 2 functions and one function is, that it’s just a watch. It looks like a nice designed high-brand watch, but behind that surface there is such more.

Why has it Future Growth Potential?

It has FGP because of the new technology. But also the design, the app and exposure of total transparency about your activities and health. Because of the heart rate monitor, there can be known information about the intensity of work outs or which intensity is the best for you.

Besides the function, the watch is very thin and easy to wear. The battery have to be charged after two weeks use and 3 months if the watch is just in the time modus. So, everything is so useable. There is no obstacle, because the watch is 24/7 on your arm and on the application there will be every information users want to know (or shared with friends).