‘Because people are always on the go…’


What is it?

In the city of the future is a lot of sustainability. Eco-friendly stuff  is what we are going to see around us again and again. Something that can’t be forgotten or isn’t important, is transport. Transport is necessary for every step a human being takes on a day.

A car called, solar panel car is such invention. It’s a regular car we are seeing at the moment, but with solar panels on the roof for renewable energy. This concept isn’t a big step to the future, but I think it’s the next step. There are examples as the ZooX car, which is designed very futuristic, but hasn’t the meaning to be an ultimate sustainable car. The solar panel car from Ford is made out of the sustainability view.

Besides a car, there are also solar systems in the future on airplanes. Solar Flight; Sunseeker duo is such airplane. This solar flight is an airplane for the future and exists only of a prototype yet. In the past there are made a couple of solar planes, but they never made one with a real human seat. That makes the Solar Flight worlds’ first airplane with solar panels and human seats.


Another sign is future scooter XQ. The scooter has solar panels on the wheels of the scooter, which keeps the scooter on track. But it can also be used as electricity for other devices. Below this blog, there will be a short movie of this signal.

Why is it cool?

If we can drive whenever we like, but don’t damage our environment, it will raises our quality of life. It’s emotional very satisfying to move yourself in a way you don’t feel guilty or waste anything… The importance of sustainability will grow and all those signals identify this desire.

People also want entertainment. Original and innovative things that give a new experience and isn’t seen yet.

Why has it growth potential for the future city?

In a future (sustainable) city, transport objects are very useable, if they are well made for the environment. We know the transport systems are so bad for the world nowadays and it has to change. The thing is that societies don’t know how… With these facts, the new technology of transport systems and affordable prices, it has a lot of future growth potential!