‘Adopt a tea garden or olive tree and be your own farmer’


Total Transparancy & Food

What is it?

Nudo is an organization started by Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers. It has hectares of tea in India and hectares of olive trees in Italy. Nudo means you can adopt your own tea garden or olive tree, behind your computer. You don’t have to supervise, because it’s all settled up. They make tea or olive oil and you can watch it with every step. There are photo diaries, people you can connect with and when the produce finished, they deliver your tea or olive oil at your home.


Why is it cool?

It’s cool because you are able to see every step of making a product. Nudo is very relatable with the trend transparency, because it doesn’t hide anything. The company wants to show the process, the way they make it and make you realize that it’s so pure and so beautiful to be owner of a little tea garden or having an olive tree. It’s also cool, because the processes of making tea or olive oil are very authentic. Local farmers and traditional methods are on high priority. The organization explains it as: ‘A love of simple natural food is the starting point of all Nudo products. They are all made from 100% natural, high quality, locally sourced ingredients.’

Why has it Future Growth Potential?

It has FGP because Nudo brings more joy in our lives. People want to spend money on special products. In the future they would rather prefer tea from a tea garden they own, then buy tea in a supermarket and don’t even know where it actually came from. Besides that, with Nudo there is no secret of the ingredients. Nowadays, in supermarkets you don’t know how much sugar is added to olive oil and with Nudo you do know.