‘A city with a lot of different minds’

Paris… the city of love, the city of the old and the new. Buildings, atmospheres, people, surroundings, but also pollution. If you want something, you will find it in Paris.

But Paris is also the city of the unknown. The old buildings slowly disappear and new innovative and high designed buildings are stealing the spot. In which direction is it going? Do they hang on their old lifestyle or do they accept the new ones? It’s a huge decision and change I saw in Paris.

Centre Pompidou is for example very popular and every tourist wants to see it. But it’s a pain in the ass if I compare the sight with the other buildings with a complete different architecture. It doesn’t look like each other, but that’s the purpose of Centre Pompidou. They wanted to build something anyone would go to and I think they completed that goal.

I went 2 times to Paris and this year it was my third time. I decided to look beyond the tourist places, for example; Eiffel tower, Sacré-Coeur, Notre dame and the champs-Élysée. I figured out that there are a lot of beautiful things, we just walk by. Little things, we see everywhere, but nobody is noticing it anymore when they look around.

I want to make those objects pretty again… Give it a stage again. Those things are normal things, but when you light it up, you see it in another light!

IMG_2758 IMG_2733IMG_2663 IMG_2754

Another remarkable thing I jumped into, were the transport systems and the places people relax. There were standing everywhere in Paris bikes that you could rent through a credit card scan. It isn’t a new signal, but a trend showing that we want to explore in an easy and healthy way as a tourist. The ‘Segway’ transport is very popular; exploring the city through a fast, compact and comfortable way. Tourists don’t want to just walk or move themselves with a subway. They want to see as much as possible in a given time frame. Segway or a bicycle (which you can rid of whenever you want) is the ideal solution for that.


Last but not least, what is that relax thing in Paris? Everywhere I looked around, people were sitting and lying on benches, in the grass or simply on the ground near the water. A signal with some peace, comfort and purity radiates. There is no state involved, but fun and a place to choose where you want to stay. It says a lot about the atmosphere in Paris; cozy. Of course, it’s a dirty city, but when you punch it through that cliché, Paris is beautiful as hell.




copyright by lieke deussen