‘The future minds of beauty and fashion products’


What is it?

When it’s about grooming, we talk about every little cream that ‘makes’ you feel better or prettier. Unfortunately it has no benefit for our environments, because it are just chemicals and other bad stuff. So, what if we can make our own cream, perfume, clothes or make up? That will mean a lot of reduce in toxic processes for our desire to be pretty. And if we do that by ourselves, we are supporting sustainability in such an easy way!

At first there is MINK. Mink is a 3D-printer, which can make your own make-up color. Grace Choi studied on Harvard business school and during this study she wanted to shake up the beauty industry. Make-up is mostly distinguished by color, which means that if you can make your own color at home, you don’t need to buy special make-up anymore.

Second one is Teardrops. Teardrops is a concept from a company in Milan, who wants to make people aware of the chemicals in most of the beauty products they use. The concept exists of a DIY (do it yourself) kit to make your own products and all of the tools are based on ingredients what doesn’t affect the skin.

The last one, is Lost Luggage. It’s a 3D printed concept, where you can print your stuff for a holiday. An ultimate solution if you want to be quick, smart, unique and easy (read: no time to think what you have to pack in your suitcase).


Why is it cool?

If those concepts are breaking through, it will change a lot of lifestyles. Instead of always going to a supermarket (for buying beauty or fashion products), you’re now going to make it at your home and it’s a lot better for the environment. The trend sustainability has such influence on those ideas, it makes the future more realistic.

It would be a very innovative technology for sustainability and it’s new because we don’t use such things. It also extends the quality of life, because you will have a satisfying feeling after it (emotional well-being). It will also affect the material well-being, because you have to let go on the brands you’re using for a while.

Why has it growth potential for the future city?

I think the ideas are great and with huge future growth potential. Think of Mink; wouldn’t it be awesome if you can take a picture of someone’s eye shadow in the future and print it after at home?

Societies will be sick and tired of all those fake products and feel the desire of making it by themselves. All those 3 signals are new initiatives that will work, because it’s not related to ‘now’. It’s related to the ‘future’. It works indirect and on long term for sustainability, so why should you ignore it?