‘The water bottle you can’t be fooled with’


Total transparency & Food

What is it?

Blufit bottle is a water bottle that knows if you’re short on drinking water. It has many functions on the bottle; think of Wi-Fi, USB charge, color changing, sounds or keeping low temperature water. The bottle collaborates with an application, through a Wi-Fi connection.

The article is from September, 2013. But the bottle isn’t made yet, because they weren’t able to have money for producing Blufit.

Why is it cool?

I think it’s cool, because there is a difference. A difference in a category where no one is thinking of, but everyone does. What I mean is, that we drink water every day and when we are on the go, we drink it out of a bottle. Besides that, there hasn’t been any innovation with water bottles (except designs). So, if there is a way you can advance something you can’t live without, why don’t use it?

The trend total transparency can be linked on the Blufit, because the bottle exposes you’re habits. When you’re drinking schedule is low, the bottle is getting a color or a customizable sound. There is no way you can hide anything or lie to yourself. And that’s what total transparency is about; you can’t pretend something that isn’t there!


Why has it Future Growth Potential?

It’s a complete outgoing way of looking to something. I didn’t think of it, but I do mind how much I drink every day. My trick is just one bottle is 0, 5 Liter and you have to drink at least 1, 5 Liter a day (3 bottles). When there is a bottle, which remind you of drinking, you will drink more than before.

In the application will be information about the user as weight, activity, work out, goals and weight loss. So, it’s not just a bottle who says that you have to drink a little. It’s a bottle who adjust itself to calculate how much water the user needs in any situation.