‘Leather will make you as tough as men’


What is it?

What I mean with this article, is that there are some real power women on top of the world! Think of Beyoncé or Adele. Those are persons and when I look into fashion it’s relatable in leather. Because leather means also powerful, daring and says; ‘watch out, here I am!’. Leather is obviously going on right now, because it’s everywhere! On the street, in magazines, in fashion shows, men, women, everywhere. And the fun thing is that it cán be everything… Shoes, jeans, skirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, any item is allowed.


Why is it cool?

I think the thought behind this trend is the need to have the best of both worlds. You want to be feminine and look like a man. This makes us grow to the gender styles; clothes which can be worn at both sexes.

At the same time means women who have success the same as women who wear leather; the need to be feminine, but also the need of having power, independency and having control. Isn’t that the same what men want? I think that’s the reason why this is cool, because it fits everyone and turns around itself in fashion expression.


Why has it FGP?

It’s the changes of the sexes why this has FGP. Women were allowed to taste independency and they were given opportunities to be successful. In contrast of men it’s the same, because they tried out the more caring side and follow sometimes instead of leading. The result of this change makes the situation realistic. In the future men and women can do both and the expectations of societies become less important or have to change.