‘The war with and against Photoshop’


What is it?

The Photoshop war is a figurative name for the issues with Photoshop, which is going on for years now! It’s unbelievable, because we all know they are using Photoshop in magazines. A difference is that there are people who love it and people who hate it. On January, 14 there was an article in Vogue about that anti-Photoshop. A girl named Lena Dunham went on the cover of Vogue America. Lena always says she loves her curves, but the photos in Vogue are tooled. The message is; even when you are happy with your body, the society still wants you to be smaller and tighter.

Why is it cool?

Those fuss is cool, because there are finally people who stand up for themselves. We are living in a world where you’re required to have size zero. It has so much influence on the appearances of people and how fast they get a rejection. This trend already exists for a long time, but it’s new that people want to know the truth. There is a desire to be natural and you’re okay with the body you were born with. I think we all need to live healthy instead of the need of losing weight all the time, because only then you’re good enough.

Why has it FGP?

The move forward against Photoshop has FGP, because of the natural needs. We don’t want to compare ourselves with a person who doesn’t exist. There was a time we could be fooled and that’s over. In the future we want pure beauty, but I think it takes a little time to accomplish that desire. Just for the reason we still live in a world of perfection and idealism. For example; look at the hypes of the ‘bikini bridge’ or ‘thigh gap’. It’s a result of the photoshopped skinny models, who are really skinny and still get photoshopped. The second one is the video on top of this article, which shows how easy you can change a face. And last but not least,  is the new book of Cameron Diaz, which explains that you have to embrace you’re body, instead of punish it with no eating schedules.








Deze zangeres krijgt terwijl ze zingt een Photoshop make-over