‘A gadget for your sentences’


What is it?

Scentee is a smell app and made in Tokyo, Japan. Scentee is an application on your smartphone and work together with your sentences. You may install it on many things, for example; if someone calls you, there will be a smell out of Scentee, so you now there is a call. But also if you’re getting a like on Facebook or when you’re alarm clock has to ring. At all those times, there comes a smell out of Scentee, to experience a flavor. Available smells are for example coconut, mint, curry, coffee or lavender and all cartridges are replaceable.

Why is it cool?

It’s cool, because it’s an experience. An experience with your sentences, so if you’re smelling something you like, I think there will be more pleasure. It gives joy when you like strawberry and every time there is a like on Facebook, you smell strawberry. It just connects two positive experiences to each other. It’s also cool, because of the online and offline relation; the virtual smartphone smell connect with your real sentences and gives a real smell. However, with this application you won’t be just in the virtual world, but also in the real world, with your own awesome sentences.

Why it has Future Grown Potential?

With such apps, I always say that it’s because of us. Us as people. We want more entertainment and we want more new stuff. Constantly the triggering of new experiences and in my opinion the Scentee app is an app that satisfy the desire of being different. Instead of just calling with someone, there is another dimension of joy with this application. I don’t think it will be a desperate need in the future, but it is fun, so why not?


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